Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let's Go Surfing!

By Linda Grupp Boutin

Recently Gary started calling Kindu "Surfer Boy." This does not mean that our basenji boy has taken a sudden liking to water, rather it refers to how his very thick coat this summer is now highlighted blonde by the sun. His daily sunbaths in Southern Californa has changed his coat color from completely red or white to a nice shade of blonde highlighting the red beneath.

Note the blonde highlights at the back of Kindu's leg!
So our boy has a nickname and Sunday at church a friend said the basenjis are our "fur babies." It was Father's Day and family and children were on everyone's minds. Since we never were blessed with children of our own, our pets get tons of TLC from us. Kindu's favorite outdoor spot is watching out the back gate checking on all the comings and goings of Flora Lane. Sometimes neighbors occasionally give our kids some treats. The dogs are happy, but when they get upset tummies from the unusual food we are not. But it all works out and everyone around us know Kindu's happy "Barooo" when they stop by.

Our fur babies are noticed wherever we go. People see a dog they don't recognize and want to know what they are. Many a passerby has gotten the short answer about our "barkless dogs" and how they clean themselves like cats. Those who show more interest learn about their origins in Africa and how they are only semi-domesticated. The long lecture includes a bit about their pictures being carved into the Egyptian tombs and the fact that leopards kill barking dogs in the vicinity of Africa where they come from now.

So Surfer Boy is enjoying the summer sun and continues to make a splash wherever he goes. I can't imagine life without him and his sister, Star. They bring such joy into our lives, along with the occasional challenges and trials. I guess you could say our pack is now melded together and we are a cohesive unit. Five years with our basenji boy have flown by and I foresee many more happy days ahead. I am so grateful that Our Creator took the time to give us humans the dog. They are one of those creations that make my heart sing, even if a bit off key. Just like Kindu's Baroooo!