Saturday, February 16, 2013

Second Fiddle

Star looking beautiful, as usual
By Linda Grupp Boutin

Kindu and Star both enjoy selected seats on the couch. The very best position, they both agree, is easily the place which Gary has just left. Claiming that spot while he is away bestows the highest prestige and makes the one who claims it Top Dog. Whoever doesn't get it becomes second fiddle.

Things change when we all sit on the couch together. In this case, the seat on Gary's lap receives Kindu's adoration. Star on the other hand prefers to sit right smack dab in the middle, snuggling up between both Gary and me. Sometimes she gets a bit over-protective of this seat, growling her unhappiness when it is time for them to go outdoors for a sun bath. We continue to work on Star and her manners. Sometimes she wants to treat us like another young member of the pack, not the Alpha male and female we envision ourselves to be. Fancy that, a basenji who sees herself as top dog, humphh.

Star truly does play second fiddle many time to Kindu's Top Dog. So much larger, he loves to throw his weight and height around. Occasionally he pushes it too far, then Star gives him a good nip to remind him that she is three years older than him. He yelps, then it is back to the wrestling match, chase each other fast around the room, more wrestling, another chase until Gary or I yell for them to stop. Pleas ignored, I resort to grabbing the water spray bottle and give them a squirt. Given that basenjis hate water, that usually cools things off.

When I think about it, many times this is how we behave with God. He asks us to follow, we ignore, He cajoles, we mess up, finally a water squirt hits us from behind, we listen up and follow. One wonders why we don't just comply from the get-go, but then again we are the children of that rebellious first couple, Adam and Eve that is. So I dare you, how about quitting playing second fiddle and "try out" for the Lead Violinist's seat?